Sponsorship opportunities

A Sporting Chance

Associate your company with the positive imagery of sport. Sport offers complementary ways to promote your business and achieve objectives, particularly in respect of Corporate Social Responsibility! Increase your visibility in local and regional media and your standing as a caring employer!

Relatively low sums of money can make a big difference to a club such as Airbus UK.

By Thinking Local

The byword in sports sponsorship today is ‘grassroots’, in more ways than one.

Businesses such as yours are thinking globally and acting locally in order to reach old and new customers.

Whether your favoured game is football, rugby, cricket, or whether or not you are a sports fan at all, this is classic marketing.

The association of your company with the positive imagery of Airbus UK Broughton FC; the visibility in local and national media; the gratitude of the fans, your customers, and your employees, for the support you lend to their team; all add up to a large helping of exposure.

Your business can achieve a boost for little cost.

Your Brand can be seen by 1000’s each week

Your sponsorship package will be designed to incorporate your logo and ensure it receives maximum exposure from all media especially the local press.

Display of your business name on banners around the ground, advertisements in programmes and on other merchandise.

Use of the club in advertisements and other promotions undertaken by your company.

Website links between you, Airbus UK and other company websites puts your business further into the spotlight.

All this exposure indicates that your company cares about the local community and is prepared to invest in its future and the welfare of its residents.

Commercial contact

If you want to be part of the new look Airbus UK Broughton, please contact Chris Doran on 07763 717481.