AFTER suffering three defeats in a week, director of football Andy Preece insists that the Wingmakers are still in dreamland, three points behind leaders The New Saints and there is no panic at the Hollingsworth Group Stadium.

Airbus slumped to a 1-0 home reverse at the hands of Bangor City on Friday night, seven days after suffering their first defeat of the season at Aberystwyth.

But Preece says he is more than happy with his side's position, three points behind leaders The New Saints.

"Well we're nine points clear of Bangor with a game in hand, I can't say any more than that can I?" Preece said.

"Talk about TNS is totally unrealistic, we're in with Bangor, Carmarthen, Aberystwyth, Port Talbot, Bala - we're all on a level playing field but we've just had an unbelievable start, over-achieving.

"What we've done so far this season has been nothing more than miraculous so to be nine points clear of Bangor with a game in hand, we can't dream about things like that.

"We're not even looking at TNS, we know that if we finish second again we will have over-achieved on what we should do.

"So we're delighted with the position we're in, we're pinching ourselves, this will happen to us now and again and it's how we react."

Airbus went down to a second half goal from City's Jamie Petrie and Preece added: "I didn't think we played very well in the first half, I thought we never got started and Bangor were the better team for sure.

"Second half I thought we were a lot better, we had a couple of chances and really Bangor didn't create anything or cause us any problems.

"So we were pretty much in control and then we've got done on the break so I feel like we should have got something out of the game.

"But credit to Bangor they took the chance when it came."

Referee Kevin Parry showed three red cards late on with Phil Bolland and City's Les Davies both dismissed for fighting.

"It got a bit frustrating out there but you can't be five yards away from the ball, shoving and throwing lads off the ball and free kicks not be given.

"Ultimately Les (Davies) got sent off but some of the things that he got away with, I wish I'd been playing in this league all my career, it's unbelievable," the former Football League striker commented.

"Second half we were the better team, second half at Bala and Aberystwyth we were the better team, but at the minute we're just not taking our chances when they come, so those results could have been so different.

"We're not a million miles away but we're definitely not playing we well as we were at the start of the season but it would be very hard to maintain the sort of form we were in."