Fund raising


Airbus UK Broughton is introducing a new Fundraising Weekly Competition for players, supporters, officials and partners across the club.

SCORECAST is the name of the new competition.

Each week five Premiership Football Matches will be listed and for £1 a go, participants will be asked to guess the correct scores for each of the games.

The Jackpot will begin at £100 and will increase by £25 per week until won/shared by a winner.

Players and officials of the club are encouraged to sell one full sheet each or as many as is possible to their friends/family and work colleagues as ultimately the profits will assist the operations of the club.

Forms will be distributed every Saturday for the following week's games, and should be handed in at the latest at 7pm every Friday (Saturday morning 10am for players)

A copy of the form for each week will be available to print off of the Official Website.

For further information on the SCORECAST please contact:
Stewart Roberts Commercial Director 07542 883923 or email using the contact form