Airbus UK Broughton`s New Section `Airbus in the Community` has got off to a Flying Start in September, Airbus In The Community has been set up to increase the awareness of the Welsh Premier League Club in the local area, with the added intention of increasing participation for youngsters in the locality in not just Football but Dance too.

The new enthusiastic and professionally qualified team has already staged a number of successful events including 2 Soccer Camps for youngsters aged between 7 and 14 years of age, and more recently the team spent a huge amount of effort in engaging with Schools across Flintshire to get the Youth of the County to come along and be Airbus UK Broughton supporter`s, with fantastic results at the Recent TNS Fixture in a crowd of around 400 which was a 100% increase on the corresponding fixture last year.

Commercial Director Stewart Roberts commented "We had a fantastic crowd in for the TNS Game, which meant a fantastic Atmosphere in the Ground throughout the game with all the School Children coming along and taking up our offer, I know Craig and the team were very grateful for the support and noise generated throughout the game, Obviously we need to increase our Stewarding levels to keep everyone in a safe enviroment as we move forward, but such was the success of the night we are to roll it out to all weekend Home games where Children U16 will get free entry and accompanying adults will get in half price(£3.00) if producing one of our specially delivered tickets."

"We will also be using the same method of supporter attraction for the up and coming Welsh U23 Semi Professional International Trophy Match against Poland on the 13th October so Schools will be recieiving their Free/Discount tickets shortly, as we are trying to create a feel good factor for Airbus UK Broughton Football Club, seeing the terrific support up at Bangor City makes you want to re-create that type of Atmosphere, but where Bangor have bucket loads of history and tradition, Airbus are only just starting out on their journey and it is the young fans that will hopefully keep returning and will become ardent Airbus supporters over the coming years"

Roberts also praised the work of the Community team even though its early into the programme, " Everyone has chipped in with hours and input that is vital to maintaining a well run new section of the Club, the Artwork, Documents and Ideas that have come out are great and the next month will see the team engage with Schools and Businesses as the Practical side of the project really kicks in"

The Community team is now taking shape with Lee Starkey (Academy Director) and his company "1st touch" are now partners to Airbus UK Broughton and Chris Doran Goalkeeper/Coach has recently been appointed into the role of Community Liaison Officer at the Airfield who will be carrying out multiple tasks on the Clubs behalf in terms of Communications and Dave Riley Under19s/Colts Manager and Academy Coach is part of the intial trio on the Footballing side. The Final Piece in the Unique Set up at Present is Danielle Harley and her company Danielle`s Dance which has partnered up with Airbus in the Community to deliver Dance to Schools as an alternative or addition to the Football.

"The Football Side of our Community Project is likely to be very popular, with excellent coaches with expansive UEFA Qualifications meaing high level coaching taking place, but there will be a huge fun element to everything in the project, we are aiming for youngsters to enjoy themselves in the First instance, and this is why we are delighted that Danielle`s Dance is on board with us, not many Clubs offer both Football and Dance - we think it`s a winner and we think the Schools and the Kids will have a great time with Airbus in the Community over the coming weeks and months"

Some of the Activities coming up or that are available are-

Airbus UK Broughton v Newton FC - Sunday 03rd October 2.00pm Kick Off -(Children Free Adults £3.00)(Tickets being delivered to Flintshire Schools)

Wales U23 V Poland U23 - Wednesday 13th October 7.30pm Kick Off ( Same Offer as above)

Soccer Camps / Dance Camps - October/December/Feb

After School Clubs Football/Dance- Ongoing

Birthday Parties Football/Dance - Ongoing

PPA Time in Schools (Block) Football/Dance - Ongoing

To contact one of the team in the Community please use the email below

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