Airbus UK Broughton Football Club have expressed their huge disappointment at the decision to cancel the Pre Season Friendly v Chester FC who are Neighbours to the Wingmakers. 

The game was seen as the perfect opportunity to show that 99.9% of Chester Fans are law abiding Football Supporters, and that the gestures of Goodwill to Chester fans last season to watch Football at the Airfield when Chester were going through difficult times would have been reciprocated by the fans of the re born Club. The decision to split the revenue in half was also a gesture by Airbus UK Broughton Football Club to show their support to their neighbours from just over the border.

Airbus UK Broughton wishes to sympathise profoundly with Chester Football Club for the issues a number of small minded fans have placed upon the Club just as it gets going this pre season after all its difficulties of the past.

The Opportunity for both Clubs to celebrate the undoubted hard work of so many to ensure Chester FC have a future has been taken away as has the opportunity for both Clubs to earn significant shared revenue which is of course regretable.

Airbus Chairman Paul McKinlay commented " Its a huge disappointment for all concerned at both Clubs, at no point did we expect any such trouble at the Airfield on the 20th July, indeed we expected a real celebratory feel to the evening in what would have been an excellent game of Football, however despite our thoughts we must of course accept the decisions of the Authorities who have to protect Public Safety"

All at Airbus UK Broughton wish Chester FC the best of fortunes during the rest of their pre season schedule and their upcoming league campaign.