AIRBUS UK Broughton has united with the other 11 of next season's Welsh Premier clubs in favour of a 32-fixture format, followed by a play-off for the third Europa League spot.
The six clubs from north and mid-Wales - Airbus, Bala, Bangor, Newtown, Prestatyn and TNS - met in Wrexham tonight and agreed unanimously to accept the proposal put forward by the FAW's head of competitions, Andrew Howard.
The six south Wales clubs have already lent their support, leaving the vote at Saturday's league AGM a mere formality.
Under the plan, the clubs will play each other twice on a home and away basis, before the league splits into two groups - the top six and the bottom six.
Clubs in these groups will play each other twice again to bring the total fixture count to 32.
The league champions will enter the Champions League, with the runners-up guaranteed a Europa League place alongside the Welsh Cup winners.
The remaining Europa League spot will be decided by a play-off involving the clubs finishing third to sixth, and the best-placed club from the bottom six (or the eighth club if the seventh club wins the Welsh Cup).