DIRECTOR of football Andy Preece was delighted with Saturday's victory over The New Saints which kept Airbus hopes of finishing in the runners-up spot alive and kicking.

"It's been a long time coming, I think we have threatened to do that probably the last five or six times that we've played TNS," Preece said.

"The games have been very close and we just haven't been able to get over the line for whatever reason. 

"It's just been a gradual process for us, like David and Goliath, when you play TNS.

"When we first came here we probably just had his sling, we managed to find a stone to get that little bit closer.

"And then we're throwing the stone but we couldn't hit the target doing everything but knock him out and then finally we've hit right between the eyes today and it's been a lot of hard work.

"I can't be more happy for the players because they put that work in time and time again and keep getting beat. You can get demoralised but we got what we deserved today and we've kept everything open.

"People have to be careful what they're Tweeting after a game on a Friday when things are not actually sorted, so we go to the last game."

Preece explained how developing the side to reach this stage has been a gradual process.

"At the start, when we first came in, we had to sit back and work out a game plan of how to play against them and have the right personnel to do that and we've found a way of playing against them the last five or six times and they've found it difficult against us, but we haven't been able to finish them off.

"But today, finally, we managed to do that so all it is for us is a start, another step in the direction that we are trying to go and I felt that this season we've played better than we have in previous seasons although the league doesn't look like that because we are not in that second position.

"But I'm always thinking long term rather than short term. 

"It's taken some sort of special performance to take their unbeaten record away from them so credit to them, we gave them credit before the game, we clapped them out because what they've achieved this season is phenomenal whatever people say about them being full time, you've still got to do it and they've gone and done it. 

"Hopefully for us they can win the last two games and I'm sure that will get us into Europe.

We wanted to try and take it to the last game, I know some people thought it was over but we don't give up that easily. 

"We are more than disappointed that Newtown have got home advantage in the Welsh Cup final, I think that's totally unfair on the teams who are battling still to get into Europe.

After the European places were sorted you would have no problem but to give a team trying to get into Europe home advantage is galling for us at this stage of the season.

"But it may not affect us, it may affect Bala, so we'll see how it goes but that decision defies logic because it's very unfair on all the teams."

Photo: The players celebrate Glenn Rule's goal.

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