Phil Bailey

PHIL Bailey has moved on from Airbus UK Broughton FC after being the secretary for the past eight years.  

He has assisted the club to develop and become what it is today and the club appreciates the great contribution from not only Phil, but also his wife Michelle and their family.

Andrew Howard, Head of Competitions FAW commented, "Phil has always been very well thought of in the FAW office, in particular his communication and punctuality with correspondence. 

"Furthermore, he has been a real asset to the club on a match day and especially helpful to the FAW when we have used the Airfield for matches."

General Manager Jonathan Williams confirmed Phil’s departure commenting that the Executive Committee reluctantly accepted his resignation but was pleased that he was leaving on good terms.  

"Phil is always welcome at The Airfield, I am sure he will call in from time to time and cheer on the team," he said.