ANDY Preece fronted-up to an interview after Friday night's 1-1 draw with Aberystwyth Town but was clearly disppointed with the outcome.

Three controversial decisions proved costly and the Wingmakers' director of football bemoaned: "When it's out of your hands there's nothing you can do.

"We totally dominated the game, it was the same when we played down there.

"I think everyone saw the Budrys penalty down there which was an absolute cast-iron, certain, 100 percent penalty - everybody agreed with that and then we've seen it again tonight.

"I don't know why that's happening but it's happening far too often, far too mamy decisions against, two or three that looked over the line as well.

"We don't get them, TNS got them, I don't know why it happens.

"It's difficult to talk after a game when so many things like this happen, it's all on DVD and people can see for themselves and make their own mind up, it's hard to take when you're so dominant but it keeps things interesting."

But Preece also admitted his side conceded a soft goal and should have been sharper in front of goal.

"We have got to be hungrier on the chances that are dropping in and around the keeper," he continued.

"Being a goal scorer myself I would have been in looking for the ball to come back every time and I felt that we were just stood waiting for it to drop for us rather than us making it happen, so there are always things that we can do better.

"But saying that, Budrys has taken the ball great on his chest, he's about to volley in from about four yards and he just gets cleaned out from behind and it was the same down there (in Aberystwyth).

"I'm laughing but inside I can't believe why that wasn't given."

"I'm laughing but inside I can't believe why that wasn't given and I've had no explanation but we'll put everything through to (National Referees Officer) Roger Gifford to have a look at, we've got everything on DVD and see what he says, but it won't make any difference because you don't get your points back and they are big points because we should be clear of Aber but we'll have a look at the end of the season and see who is where they are.

"We gave away a soft goal, I was really angry at half time because we totally dominated the game, they didn't look like they had any threat at all and it was a really poor goal that we conceded so there's no complaints with that, it's down to us and we should have done better.

"The game should have been over once we scored.

"The second half we were against the wind but we totally dominated again.

"The performances we've put on against Aber show what a good side we are, they had a couple of players out but we had four key players out so it was another great performance.

"We are playing really well, we are just not getting what we deserve, whether that's down to things that are out of our hands or things that we can do better.

"There's been a lot of games where things that were out of our hands have cost us." 

Photos (top) Chris Budrys goes down under Ryan Batley's challenge and (below) Airbus claim the ball has crossed the line.

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