AIRBUS UK Broughton's chief operating officer Stewart Roberts has responded to Prestatyn manager Neil Gibson's comments about "jobs in factories" in Monday's Daily Post.

The comments came as Gibson was interviewed following a 6-1 home defeat at the hands of the Wingmakers at Bastion Gardens, which saw the Broughton outfit take over second place.

Asked about possible squad strengthening, Gibson retorted: "The people that are making signings are the people that can afford to make signings.

"There's a couple of players we've spoken to, but we can't afford some of the players we'd like to bring in.

"Short of building a factory and offering some jobs, I doubt we'll be able to do that."

Roberts responded by saying: "I'm a little bit disappointed in Neil's comments to be honest, they are certainly misguided to say the least. 

"Airbus UK Broughton runs completely independent from Airbus the company and we have not one single player who works for Airbus!

"We have had to work unbelievably hard off the pitch to create a sustainable budget that allows us to compete the way we are doing at present. 

"Prestatyn Town are a club that also works hard to compete so for Neil to say the things he did was probably heat of the moment stuff after their defeat against us, I've nothing but praise for Neil and his team and the hard working people of Prestatyn Town Football Club.

"I think at this point I'd like to go on record and say how proud we are of the management team and players for what they have achieved this season, already making it Airbus UK Broughton's best-ever finish despite what happens in the second half of the season.

"We are a club that's evolving and that is testament to the commercial and community work put in by each and every person at our club.

"I understand people linking us to the factory and at the end of the day our ground is on the Airbus site so that is natural but, as I keep saying, the club is wholly independent and will continue to grow that way.

"Budgets, jobs and support from Airbus will always be linked with the club - that's something we cannot avoid unfortunately - but any success we get over the coming years will certainly be fuelled by other people's misconceptions."