ANDY Preece believes the Wingmakers have closed the gap on full-timers The New Saints this season.

And he pointed to the fact that the newly-crowned champions' director of football Craig Harrison has been targeting Airbus players as evidence of the progress made.

"I think we have closed the gap this season," Preece told S4/C Sgorio presenter Malcolm Allen before Saturday's 1-1 draw at Park Hall, the fourth time the sides have drawn in Welsh Premier fixtures this season. 

"The proof is that Craig has tried to get our right back (Lee Owens), our centre half (Michael Pearson) and he's tried to get our left back (Lewis Short) this week.

"He tried to get Ashley Williams as well, so obviously our recruitment is far better than theirs and obviously he knows that our players individually are better than his."

Preece then handed a piece of paper to Allen and added: "There's our list of player targets for next season Malcolm so just give that to Craig!"