THE Wingmakers' 1-1 Europa League draw against FK Haugesund was helped in no small measure by Scout7, who work to provide many leading clubs with data.

Assistant manager Andy Morrison was en-route to Norway to provide his usual comprehensive dossier on the opposition when his flight was cancelled at the last minute and director of football Andy Preece takes up the story.

"Scout7 and Jon Howard came to our rescue after the plane taking Andy morrison to Norway was cancelled," Preece says.

"With only footage off the internet and some really good information from Brian Deane, we still wanted some full match coverage.

"Fortunately Jon and Scout7 were able to help. 

"I had done some work for Scout7 previously and asked him to help us out which he did. 

"The information was invaluable and gave us the insight into FK Haugesaud that we needed. "Preparation is key at any level but, against the quality opposition we faced, not having the benefit of seeing them over a full 90 minutes would have made our task pretty much impossible."

Preece is hoping to obtain similar footage and information on Haugesund's 5-3 Sunday defeat to Rosenborg in the Norwegian Premier League.