ANDY Preece says that nobody is going to challenge TNS as long as refereeing decisions keep going against their opponents.

The Airbus UK Broughton chief was left frustrated and disappointed after conceding a 93rd-minute goal to lose 3-2 to the reigning champions on Saturday.

And Preece felt that his side - and others in the Welsh Premier - are being hurt by poor decisions.

"When you play TNS you pretty much know what you're up against week in, week out," Preece said.

"I think Port Talbot have had it this year when they were doing so well and you see the decision that went against them at nil-nil.

"The keeper getting sent-off at Bala when there's a lad on the line covering, I honestly don't understand it, it is just really tough to take and I'm sure it was as tough for the other managers to take as well.

"You see some of the decisions today and ultimately they have cost us.

"Ryan Wignall's in the second half where he got booked, it should have been a sending-off and a penalty and us going 3-2 up, so I don't really know what to say other than it's just usual.

Every team has it when they play TNS so, until that changes, it's always going to be comfortable for them to win the league every year.

"Every team has it when they play TNS so, until that changes, it's always going to be comfortable for them to win the league every year."

Asked whether he would take positives from the game, Preece went on: "I can take positives from the performance but it doesn't matter, we got no points through no fault of our own.

"We can try and do everything and everybody keeps saying they want someone to push TNS. No-one's going to push TNS as long as these things keep happening.

"You can play as well as you like but, if these decisions go against you and there are too many, what can you do?

"I'm talking about facts now, you (S4C) could show them, the one's that keep going against teams, I'm not going to get into trouble for stating facts that are happening and I'm just being honest.

"It's hard enough anyway, they are such a good team, a quality outfit, so you need something to go your way and I just think too much is going against teams.

"It hurts, all the teams in this league are trying their best to compete with TNS and give the league something to look forward to as the season goes on and there might be a fight at the top of the league.

"How many penalties did we get turned down? How many similar booking opportunities came their way and our way and for the same challenge we got booked and they didn't get booked?

"If a lot of these decisions keep going this way it's just too hard to take especially after how well we played."

"We deserved to at least draw the game and to end up with nothing, we just have to move on and take it on the chin."

Photos (top) Preece looks on during Saturday's game and (below) felt that Ryan Wignall should have had two penalties.