THE Wingmakers' director of football Andy Preece has still not finished his football education, despite recently being awarded the Uefa Pro licence, the highest coaching badge qualification.

Preece is one of the few managers in the Welsh Premier League to complete the course after visiting FC KTP in Finland and Arsenal to study the methods used by those clubs.

"It is important both for me personally and the club," says Preece, who was on the same course as Marcel Desai, Jens Lehmann and Didi Hamman.

"I would like to thank Osian Roberts and Lenny Lawrence for their help and support during the arduous course."

However, Preece believes it is important to keep fresh and study new ideas to keep uo-to-date with the latest techniques.

He is now starting youth modules 1 and 2 as well as Futsal Level 1 while coaching the Under-16s at Blackpool.