WINGMAKERS' director of football Andy Preece believes the club is on course for a fourth summer of European football, despite a topsy-turvy first phase of the campaign.

A win at third-bottom Port Talbot would leave Airbus 'in a fantastic position' according to Preece after five months with a squad ravaged by injuries.

"Yes I am delighted to be in the top six with a game to go," Preece says. "It's amazing really when you look at the injuries we've had. At the start of season we should have been getting in the top six but I think apart from a couple of teams the rest of the league felt they should be in there.

"Some teams who should be won't make it but we are in and probably shouldn't be. Defenders Lee Owens, Ian Kearney, Andy Jones, Mike Pearson and Matty McGinn have missed a minimum one-third of the season up to all but a couple of games. 

"In midfield the same applies, Ash Williams and Tom Field have missed a third of the season and wide players Ryan Wignall, Wayne Riley and Ryan Fraughan have all missed over half the games. Five times this season we have had only nine senior players available, crazy to think that now.

"We only went with 16 senior players and 10 have missed a third or more of the season. Like I said I am delighted, how I don't know it's just sheer will and togetherness.

"We've only Lee Owens out for Saturday and Matty (McGinn) and Peo (Pearson) doubtful, things are looking really positive for the second half of the season with almost a full squad to pick from. 

"We can enjoy the ride now and see what happens. What we can be is very proud of what we've achieved so far."

The departure of Field to Chorley has left supporters wondering whether there will be any new additions to the squad and Preece added: "We won't be bringing anyone in for the sake of it - we can't afford to.

"But we've got good midfielders in Jordan Barrow and Jay Owen who've had to play most of the season at the back to cover for injuries and they can now go back to playing in their favoured positions. It's nice having a few options again."