LAST year, The New Saints agreed to play the Welsh Cup final at Latham Park, home of their final opponents Newtown.

This season, the holders declined to repeat that scenario by playing Airbus at the Hollingsworth Group Stadium and club director of football Andy Preece believes that shows how much the Wingmakers have come in recent seasons.

"I think that the fact that Craig (Harrison) wouldn't play the final at Airbus says a lot about how far we have progressed as a club," Preece says.

"I don't think the players at TNS have any fear of us but maybe Craig just has those small doubts as we've won two and drawn one of our last three games at Airbus. 

"It's a shame as it would have been a great honour for the club to do what Newtown did last year but it wasn't to be.

"We go to Wrexham which is a great venue with maybe just a small psychological advantage over Craig. 

"We have the upmost respect for TNS and what they've achieved being almost unbeatable over the last five years.

"Their desire and determination year in year out is admirable so we know how difficult a task we face. 

"We would have to create the biggest shock in Welsh Cup history, that's the challenge. Did Craig think Newtown was a walkover or does he fear us, you would have to ask him?"