DIRECTOR of football Andy Preece has released the club's retained list for next season and is set to unveil new signings next week.

Liam Blake, James Coates, Andy Jones, Matty McGinn, Johnny Spittle, Ryan Wignall and Ashley Williams have all signed new deals.

In addition, Tony Gray, Bailey Jackson, Kevin Monteiro, James Murphy and Liam Smith were already contracted for the new campaign.

Under-19s Nathan Williams and Zebb Edwards have also signed their first professional contracts from the academy.

Preece has released Jordan Barrow, Ryan Fraughan and Wayne Riley, saying: "Jordan played the majority of games so is really unlucky not have been offered a contract but, with the budget and Kevin and Ash already signed, we have to look at other parts of the team.

"Fraughny has been unlucky with injuries, every time he got close to starting he had a setback.

"Wayne is still struggling with his back so can't realise his potential, but he would be one of the best players in the league if he could get fit.

"I would like to thank them all for their commitment and wish them good luck in the future."