AS part of this year’s commemorations of 100 years of the RAF, Airbus UK Broughton hosted a special celebratory football match against the RAF senior team.

The RAF team ran out 4-0 winners on Tuesday night, as the crowd were entertained by the band of the City of Chester Air Cadets and the appearance of the Beluga transporter aircraft at half-time.

Hawarden Air Cadets provided the guard of honour for the teams, whilst the mascots from Airbus Youth Academy and Broughton Super Saints played a mini tournament before the game.

Senior officers from RAF bases across North Wales attended on the night, along with guests from the Welsh FA.

Airbus Community Relations Manager, Phil McGraa, said: “Airbus is very proud to be a major sponsor and this was a fantastic event to showcase Broughton as part of the year-long celebrations for RAF100. I’d like to thank everyone who came along on the night and helped us to raise money for the RAF100 Appeal.

Airbus UK Broughton FC Chairman Michael Mayfield said: “We are very pleased to be part of this year’s RAF100 Anniversary, inspiring future generations by telling the RAF’s unique story to the nation and beyond.  We’re delighted to acknowledge the work of the RAF past and present and proud to congratulate the RAF on its 100th Anniversary.”

Broughton and the airfield at Hawarden have a strong bond with the RAF since the factory was first built in 1939. During and after the War, the site was an active RAF base, RAF Hawarden, and in 1943 many staff were involved in building the Wellington bomber in just over 24 hours.

The RAF has a long history in football and the RAF Men’s Representative team holds the record for consecutive Inter Services victories by winning seven titles in a row.