With a new season hopefully on the horizon, the boss has spoken about how he felt the 2019-20 season went. 

The 19/20 season came to an abrupt end following away victory at Carmarthen, and just hours before a crunch match against Penybont. With the unexpected, premature ending to the season, how did O'Shaughnessy feel about the way in which the ending transpired.

"I was really disappointed in the season ending like it did. We started to go on a run and for the first time all season the following week we were at full strength, but I totally understand why it was cancelled."

It was a campaign where results were often hard to come by. Consitent injuries throughout the season was a tough situation for the players and management to deal with.

However, in the tough times, there were moments of positivity and hope, several wins and some big performances, including George Peers' impact before his injury, Oli Lanceley filling in for Andy Owens and Niall Watson after his signing in January. Therefore, with that in mind what was O'Shaughnessy's best moment from last season?

"Very difficult to pick a favourite moment, with the win down in Carmarthen, the 2-0 against Newtown could have been it. But my favourite thing about last season, wasn't a moment but a group, as it was nice to see the academy players step up and perform well."

Although we haven't seen the Wingmakers in action since early March, that doesn't mean that O'Shaughnessy and the coaching team have been letting the first team off with a lockdown break. 

O'Shaughnessy has revealed the players have fitness tasks to complete which are closely monitored. This is what the boss had to say on the Lockdown fitness. 

"The team had a fitness programme put together and were doing weekly runs which were recorded on the players group for all to see. We want to hit the ground running when we are able to get back to full pre season training."

O'Shaughnessy has already pointed out that the Academy played a vital role with the squad last season, with the likes of George Peers, Owen Payne, Lewis Hall, Oli Lanceley and Ellis Hickey all playing on several occasions. Peers and Lanceley netted three goals apiece during the season, including Peers scoring a brace against TNS and Lanceley registering a brace against Aberystwyth back in February. Payne also landed himself a spot in the JD Cymru Premier team of the week back in round 22 of phase one. 

Heading into next season, with the link between the Academy and first team looking as good as it has ever been, could that connection push the first team on for success next season?

"The link will be even more valuable this season. As you know the pandemic has had a knock on effect for football and we will be most probably relying a lot on the academy. This season showed the quality of the youth set up, something that Lee Starkey, Rick Chapman and the rest of the academy set up should be proud of. I said on several occasions in the last campaign that if I think they deserve the chance, I won't be afraid to use them."

With the recent signing of Jamie Crowther and the departure of Andy Owens all being announced, can we expect any new players to enhance the squad and who will be staying? 

"At the present time it is extremely difficult to sign the squad on from last season because we do not know what league we are playing in and a lot don't want to commit, but we would like to sign the majority. It is not fair on a lot of clubs in a lot of divisions as they can't plan ahead. However, with Jamie also coming onboard, incorporating his coaching into the side, hopefully we can build and show what we are about as a side, no matter what league we are in."


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