MANAGER Andrew Thomas promised several new signings in the January transfer window after watching his side slump to a 4-2 home defeat at the hands of Bala Town.

"We've got young players, I think nine of them are under-21, we've lost our experience out of the back four which makes a massive difference, so we're playing kids at the moment and we're learning, but we've got to learn fast," he said. "We just need to get through to January and bring some players in."

Despite the Wingmakers' failure to convert chances in recent games, Thomas says the defence is the priority. "It was just naive defending by the youngsters, all they had really was set plays, they didn't play through us, just long throw-ins, any free kicks, I don't think the referee gave us much to be honest.

"It was the same as Saturday really, we could have been three or four up but I think we need to concentrate on the back first and work that way up. Hopefully we've got a few identified, but we'll just have to wait and see.

"We've just got to keep going, I thought our performance first half was excellent, I don't think they could live with our pace or the way we passed the ball and got forward.

"Our energy levels weren't as good second half but I think that comes from giving silly fouls away which gave them a bit of momentum to put the ball in the box. We've just got to learn from that going into the Boxing Day game."

Photos (top) Thomas shows his frustration on the touchline and (below) Ryan Neild makes a save from Mike Hayes [Matt Jones].