DIRECTOR of football Andy Preece hailed the Wingmakers' 3-0 victory at Newtown on Tuesday night as the best so far.

"The way the lads played today that's probably our most complete performance of the season, we were strong at both ends of the pitch, mixed our game up, played some great football with some great moves and we should have scored more really," he said.

"We had to withstand a little bit of pressure late on but it was more long throws and free kicks, I think James Coates only had one save to make which was an important one just before half time, but had a lot of chances and fortunately we took three of them.

"We are nowhere near at full strength, we've got five players who could easily be starters for us, so we just want to get as many players fit as we can and hang in there until these lads come back, but they are not really very close.

"We have got a while before they come back but if we can keep injury free, the lads who are going out at the minute are showing what they can do."

Tony Gray added two more goals including an astonishing first time effort from 35 yards wide out on the left and Preece added: "He scores goals, that first finish was absolute top drawer, it wasn't where he could take a touch and have a look, he had to do it first time with the instep at an angle, he had to get it right, so it wa sjust a superb finish.

"If anybody in the Football League or Champions League did that, they would be raving about it, he's got six goals for us already so he's definitely making a difference.

"He's done great so far and hopefully he'll keep doing that.

"We've had to go away to Aberystwyth, home to TNS and away to Newtown and we've got seven points out of nine with five players out, that is some effort and we are delighted where we are at the minute."