Andy Preece

DESPITE a 2-1 home defeat at the hands of full-timers TNS, Airbus director of football Andy Preece was pleased with his side's efforts.

"It was a really good performance from us, we couldn't have asked for much more from the lads, it was just down to fine lines," Preece commented.

"We were pretty comfortable and from their first shot on target after 20 minutes they score when Jamie (Stephens)  should have done better.

"The penalty was good skill but again Jamie probably shouldn't have come for that.

"Two nil down against TNS teams normally end up losing by three, four or five because you start having to push on but I felt that we hadn't done anything wrong.

"We were pretty much well in the game, we created one or two opportunities ourselves and, from that point on, we pretty much dominated the rest of the first half.

"We had chance after chance - a couple were clear cut where they got good blocks - but we should be finishing them.

"Then we've got the goal before half-time to give us some momentum and then we've had the best chance of the game with Wayne (Riley) to make it 2-2.

"All that we missed was a cutting edge, over the play no-one could deny that we deserved something out of the game, even could have won the game.

"They've had three shots on target, when have TNS only had three shots on target in a game, I wouldn't have thought too many," Preece added.

"So we've got to be pleased with what we did, obviously disappointed about the result, but we are not a million miles away. 

"When it gets late on, you think fitness is going to tell and they'll probably hit us on the break and maybe win three or four-one, but it never really looked like that, we were still going right to the last minute."

S4/C pundit Malcolm Allen asked Preece whether he was now looking over his shoulder at Bangor City, who were 1-0 winners at Carmarthen.

"For you to say Bangor are putting pressure on us that's unbelievable," Preece replied.

"That's the position we're in and to be in that position at this stage of the season with seven or eight games to go, we've got to be delighted and I think we've shown today that we're a good side who can play football, mix it up and compete with the best."