RIVALS that exaggerate the budgets at Airbus UK Broughton are helping to develop a seige mentality at the Hollingsworth Group Stadium, according to chief operating officer Stewart Roberts.

And he has encouraged clubs and managers in the league to continue talking about Airbus and budgets in the same light as it seems to drive everyone at the club forward because of the misconception.

"There's nothing I like reading more than we have loads of money to spend, or we are bankrolled by Airbus, because if I am hearing or reading that week in week out I know we are unsettling teams in the League," Roberts says.#

"Also it means I have got Andy Preece and Andy Morrison knocking on my door weekly even more determined to get a result in the next match, even more focused on getting the lads up for the next three points- its music to my ears!

"We have always in the background been accused of being run by Airbus, even when Craig Harrison was manager, and it is something we have got used to over the years.

"If it's not spending Airbus money it's giving every player a job, it's now the in-joke around the club because we can't change what people think in terms of how the club Operates. 

"I sometimes wish we were bankrolled like some other clubs because it would make my Job a lot easier in board meetings when talking about income and expenditure that's for sure.

"Our Model seems to work- long may that continue in the growth of the club.

"We have become an introverted club because of people's comments, almost a siege mentality, a trait other clubs in the league have had when everyone seemed to dislike them because of the success they were associated with.

"Of course the difference is we have brought in an English management team and a group of players from just over the border because the manager Felt it would be value for money long term and of course our geographical location.

"My personal belief is we made a huge decision as a club to go down this route, risking being frowned upon, but I think the freshness and professionalism we now have assists the league's profile and has certainly propelled us to an elevated position which we'll strive to maintain.

"Of course we spend more now than previously, purely because we are a bigger business now, after four Years of solid commercial work has provided us with a slightly higher platform to work from.

"I discuss this with officials of clubs when they visit, often talking about our new spend v old spend, because the officers of most clubs know exactly how difficult it is to raise the funds to be competitive, especially in an ever-improving League with better budgets, better players, better grounds- the demands are high to keep the status quo.

"We are not full-time, have no real desire to be, we are a very well-drilled part-time football club that provides a great platform for our management and players to excel.

"Whilst we place demands throughout the club on being as professional as we can be without actually being professional, we don't have that huge budget that people think.

"We certainly don't have the largest of Squads - there are clubs with huge squads - we don't set unrealistic expectations to the management team because our spend level doesn't warrant that.

"In fact we are just the same old well-run Airbus UK Broughton as we always have been, but with a management team and group of players who are determined to keep proving the knockers wrong.

"I hope people keep saying HUGE BUDGET because if they stop it means we have started sliding down the league and are no longer a threat to anyone, that is something the club is new to, people worrying about us for a change instead of us worrying about them.

"Finally  I empathise with all our clubs in the league because finding the funds to remain operational at a competitive level is hard work and there are a lot of unsung heroes at clubs across Wales that have their clubs best interests at heart 24/7.

"I am looking forward as usual to the next set of comments about our budget etc as it means the next preparation is done," Roberts concluded.