THE Wingmakers dropped two home points to Rhyl on Tuesday night but director of football Andy Preece was far from downhearted although he feels his side is not getting the rub of the green.

"We're two points off the top and we're clear in second place," Preece said.

Carmarthen have already given the three points to TNS for when they play their game so you'd think we'll still be eight points clear after that.

"So it's a good position to be in, at the start of the season if someone had said after 15 games you'll be eight points clear in second place we'd have snapped their hands off.

"We are delighted with that and we've had to work really hard but this league is so tight that, for us to have that sort of cushion where every team is so evenly matched it is a fantastic place for us to be."

But Preece felt his side were on the wrong end of a couple of controversial decisions and went on: The rub of the green is going against us. 

"We've had a few decisions such as James Owen's red card which was very similar to what we've seen with Wes Brown where his is rescinded straight away, no messing about, you don't have to go through an appeal process, you just get it done.

"And then Saturday Liam McCreesh, two feet off the floor out of control and gets a booking but we won that game so it's not just when we're losing, it's when we're winning as well.

"And tonight, the first goal comes from a horrendous tackle from behind, probably should have resulted in at least a yellow card, which means the lad would have got sent off and from that they scored.

"And then the penalty, it looks like the ball has been played across, it hit Ian Kearney on his knee and it's bounced up and hit him, I don't know what he can do, unless you play with your arms behind your back out of the way and even that, I've seen a penalty given a couple of weeks ago when a lad had his arms behind his back and it hit him on his hip.

"I don't think Rhyl went over the halfway line in the first half, they had two free kicks and the goal and I cannot remember getting over the halfway line, we were totally in control.

"But we just lacked that quality and killer instinct but they never caused us a problem and the goal has come out of the blue. We were never under any pressure, we were under more pressure in the second half.

"The way the game was I just felt I'd be happy with a point at the end of it but, saying that, the couple of decisions that went against us compounded the result.

"But it's the same for every team I'm sure that everybody is having bits of bad luck and the thing is we've got another point so it happens to everybody.

"You go through periods when you think things are going against you and you've got to come through that and not feel sorry for yourself because I'm sure every club can look back and say that shouldn't have been.

"We're just pointing it out but we're sure everybody else has had the same things go against them."