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 The Wingmakers - Match Report 2009/10



Airbus UK 1-2 Welshpool (September 18 2009)

After their terrific run in the opening five games of the season Airbus came unstuck in their first game against the lesser sides.

Mr Complacency paid a visit, as feared by The Gaffer and the expected walk in the park turned into defeat against a spirited Welshpool side. The 'Bus did have an early chance, Jack Abrahams whizzing one in but things soon went pear-shaped, Carl Lamb testing his range before The Lilywhites went ahead. A mess of a goalmouth scramble, the ball hoofed off the line twice but not out, the third attempt thrashed in by Richard Harris. 

Ex-Nomad Peter Doran tried one from thirty yards, just over, as the Powys boys failed to heed the script. The half ended with Airbus showing the more skill, without dominating or being remotely effective, more than matched by Welshpool's application. Surely it was just a question of raising up a gear and taking control. It didn't happen. Further disaster did. Ryan Edwards rashly chose a hefty clearance that Carl Lamb charged down; despite calls for handball he curled it low around Rogers and into the bottom corner for the second. 

Airbus should have enough about them these days to have pulled even that back but it wasn't to be their night. As time ticked away their superior fitness pretty much encamped them in The Lilywhites' half but still without being overly-dangerous. Mark Lloyd-Williams hit a free kick just over the bar and Carl Owen got on the end of a Cook cross, the block falling to Jiws who only sent the rebound wide. Finally a glimmer of light  as Lloyd-Williams won himself a penalty, falling over a Welshpool leg as he turned to cut back inside. Even that wasn't straight forward, Cudworth parrying the spot-kick, Jiws scoring comfortably enough at the second attempt. 

The possibility of stealing a point geed them up a bit but not much. Gio sent a cross over onto Lloyd-Williams head, the keeper tipping over. With the last desperate gasp Carl Owen looked like he only had to tap in a low ball from the left a yard or two out but a despairing Welshpool foot got there first to clear and that was that.

Airbus Line up:
Kristian Rogers, Ryan Edwards (Paul McManus 77'), Giovanni Feliciello, Matty Woodward (Andy Mitchell 60'), Mark Allen, Rhys Roberts, Ashley Williams, Jack Abraham, Carl Owen (James McIntosh 69'), Marc Lloyd-Williams, Matthew Cook.

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Report by Dave Sargent


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