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 The Wingmakers - Match Report 2009/10



Port Talbot 2-1 Airbus UK Broughton (October 24 2009)
Airbus' inability to kill a game dead was shown again on Saturday. As the weather practiced everything it knew save a snow shower, Port Talbot stole all three points with a late winner after the Airmen had comfortably controlled virtually the whole of the second half.
The first period didn't have much to offer and a draw looked inevitable, two very even sides mostly cancelling each other out in all areas of the pitch. There were only three real attempts, all to the home side. The impressive and scary-looking Matthew Rees drove high & wide on 22'. Danny Thomas was allowed to receive a dropped ball deep in the area and turn on it but then produced a complete howler, tapping it to Kris Rogers, who simply bent down & picked it up from two yards away. Finally, the speedy Drew Fahiya, rather ineffective on the day, blazed one over.
Back in the warmth of the cosy press box for the second half, fed by a bowl of biscuits, nothing too exciting was expected but things did liven themselves up a bit and we finally got a  bit of excitement. Airbus had the first chance, from a Port Talbot deflection, flicked over the top by Marc Lloyd-Williams. In what seemed like an omen bright sunshine burst out, shining on the heather-clad mountainsides overlooking the town end. With a bit more pressure, Carl Owen then forced a parry out of Lee Kendall, Jiws got the rebound but delayed a fraction, turned then got covered by the defence & his finishing effort was easily saved by the recovering 'keeper. The harbinger, however, seemed to be Town's, Neil Thomas taking a low cross from the right and converting off the post for 1-0. The 'Bus fought back and Danny Desormeaux's left foot brought a good save off Kendall. The pressure told in the next attack as Jiws took a long ball, controlled & shot in between Kendall's legs for 1-1. In the next minute they could have gone ahead, as Ryan Edwards sent a curler in towards the top angle, Rees heading away for a corner.
The game then settled down as The Wingmakers took control without making any breakthrough, both sides apparently happy with a point. Airbus came unstuck though with just five minutes remaining. A free kick made its zig-zag way from Rees to Gary Bansor then back inside to Liam McCreesh to tap in the winner. The agony wasn't over as Jiws headed a flick against the underside of the bar in the last minute, robbing the 'Bus of a deserved equaliser. Fahiya should have rubbed it in  in overtime, summing up his afternoon by completely messing up when faced with an unmarked short run and an open goal, tamely playing a week shot straight to Kris Rogers. Once Craig Harrison had been pulled from his self-imposed dejected isolation in the dugout, a subdued bus made its long journey back with yet another match where the story was points let go instead of comfortably in the bag

Airbus Line up:
K Rogers, R Edwards, G Sudlow, M Woodward, M Allen, R Roberts, A Williams, D Desormeaux, C Owen, M Lloyd-Williams, M Cook

Subs not used: George Cowell, P McManus, J Abraham.

Attendance: 157

Report by Dave Sargent


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