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 The Wingmakers - Match Report 2009/10



Porthmadog 0-1 Airbus UK Broughton (November 28 2009)

Airbus battered Port, playing the whole match inside their half of the field. There were two amazing things; they only scored once and Jiws didn't score again (for the 4th successive match!). In fact the only goal came courtesy of the hosts, a bizarre misdirected header that bounced off another defender's knee & rolled in.
It will be a shame if the two sides are in different leagues next season as we'll miss the fantastic mountain backdrop, this year tinged with snow and the homely little ground of black & red painted stands serving delicious sausage chips & peas for only a pound. It's also a great place to get drunk in, with three Good Beer Guide entries within easy reach.
The football itself was a constant barrage from the Wingmakers, who were well on top after only a quarter of an hour. Jiws fired over, Carlo smashed wide, a Jack Abraham shot was punched out with Dessie driving the rebound wide, Dessie finished a neat move involving Ryan Edwards (showing no ill-effects from his Non-League Welsh U-21 sending-off in midweek) & Carlo to produce another save but somehow half-time was reached with the scoreline goalless.
No matter, as the inevitable cave-in by Port must surely happen. Jiws, Ryan & Carlo combined again for another over, Jiws ran in on a one-on-one, the saved ball running to Jack Abraham who again shot over. All the while Giovanni Feliciello was having a great game from the left back position, with Ashley Williams, fresh from his own second international appearance in Portadown, turning the Port midfield inside out as he created move after move and Jack Abraham showing his growing maturity and exciting potential. Eventually that one moment of panic in the defence came and the points were finally in the bag, there being very little chance of the home side having an attack, let alone scoring. Jiws had the best of the chances remaining, parried by the 'keeper; it's frightening to think what will happen when his goal drought ends and a declining Bala Town may well feel the effects when they visit Broughton next.

Airbus line up:
K Rogers, R Edwards, G Feliciello, M Woodward, M Allen, R Roberts, A Williams, D Desormeaux,

J Abraham (P McManus 89'), M Lloyd Williams, C Owen.

Gareth Sudlow, Gary McConnell.

Report by Dave Sargent


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