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 The Wingmakers - Match Report 2009/10



Airbus UK Broughton 2-0 Newtown (November 21 2009)

Ultimately a comfortable win for Airbus but the opener and that second killer goal were a long time coming. There was always the chance of Newtown sneaking one, although another fairly faultless defensive display restricted the visitors to mainly mid-range attempts that unerringly fell into the ultra safe arms of Kristian Rogers. The 'Bus were weakened by missing the midfield skills of the suspended Ashley Williams but the lads produced a thoroughly competent display and there was never really the risk of an upset, in hindsight at least.
Marc Lloyd-Williams commenced an afternoon of personal anguish for himself, failing to score for an amazing third match in succession, by missing in front of goal with only Maguire to beat, riding a tackle then putting it wide of the post - holding his head in his hands was the least he could do but his day wasn't going to get any better. Airbus were attacking the kop end, shorn of its grass pending the FAW getting round to releasing its grant for the new stand and looking like an unsightly theatre set of the Somme. The 'Bus finally wore down The Robins' gallant defences, Cooky and Matty Woodward combining to set up Carl Owen to blast a howitzer through the rear guard and into the back of the net. Two minutes from the break Jiws twisted & turned, slipped Gavin Cadwallader and the covering defence but again, having penetrated right behind enemy lines, dragged his shot wide.
Newtown produced a bit of a counter in the second half but Airbus imperiously kept them at bay with their superior weaponry and it took only a few minutes to relaunch the main offensive, the visitors being reduced to sporadic ineffective raids. Jiws was the first to pop up out of the trenches but with a one-on-one he just tapped to a grateful if surprised Maguire. He was there again shortly after when Carlo played to Danny Desormeaux who found Ryan Edwards, his cross dropping onto ML-W's head then bouncing off the top of the crossbar. He really needs to work on his height. With a quarter of an hour to go Jiws missed another (!), working well to create a double chance, the first blocked, the second blasted just over. Craig took pity on him then and before he topped himself, took him off for Little Macca. Immediately he linked with Carlo & Danny with the final effort falling to Dessie to loop over the keeper but not on target. The second did come with a couple of minutes left. Cook played a ball down the right wing to Desormeaux and with an extraordinary lack of judgment, Maguire came racing out of his goal. Dessie, calm as you like, waited until he saw the whites of his eyes then pulled the trigger. Once it was on target there was only one place the ball was going and it slid into the bottom corner to wrap up the victory. The final whistle went, out came the bunting, on came The Dambusters and it was three points to The Wingmen.

Broughton line up:
K Rogers, R Edwards, G Feliciello, M Woodward, M Allen, R Roberts, M Cook, D Desormeaux,
J Abraham, M Lloyd Williams (P McManus 81') C Owen,

G Sudlow, G McConnell, N Challinor.

Report by Dave Sargent


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