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 The Wingmakers - Match Report 2009/10



Connahs Quay 0-1 Airbus UK Broughton(March 19th 2010)
The first rain for a while and an absolute deluge arrived at the Deeside Stadium accompanying a scrappy game of unappetizing football, largely bossed by The 'Bus.
The first half was awful, verging on dire. There were some chances for Airbus though. Giovanni Feliciello sent a cross over onto Jack Abraham at the far post, a last ditch header clearing for a corner. Marc Lloyd-Williams shrugged off his man but took it too far and chipped lamely wide. Ryan Edwards lobbed a cross to James McIntosh to send a delicate header goalwards, headed off the line. He followed that up by forcing McCormick to drop the ball before sending a too-gentle hook on target, again cleared off the line.
The second half wasn't much better but The Wingmakers were never going to lose and it at least produced a goal, a fantastic one at that. Airbus nearly took the lead straight away as Jiws cleverly played the ball to Macca who steadied, took aim and forced McCormick to pull off a great one-handed save for a corner. The goal when it did arrive was a pearler and came out of nothing. Jack Abraham found himself in the middle of the park within acres of space. He looked up, decided to have a go and curled a wonderfully measured high drive into the back of the net. Jiws should have added a second with ten minutes to go, clean through on goal but managing to get himself in a right mither somehow and ended up slicing wide with the help of a deflection. Macca then almost got the goal he deserved, taking a great ball off Danny Desormeaux into the area but foiled by the 'keepers boot at the foot of the post.

Airbus line up:
Kristian Rogers, Ryan Edwards, Giovanni Feliciello, Mark Allen, Rhys Roberts, Gareth Sudlow, Ashley Williams, Danny Desormeaux, James McIntosh, Marc Lloyd-Williams, Jack Abraham.

Subs not used: Jamie Smith, Tom Rowlands, Josh Johnson


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