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April 15
Another good performance yields no points

After going 4 league games without a win and having some tough games we have a long trip to south wales with a team in good form and rising up the league weekly. we new we where in for a tough game against Port Talbot but with a good pitch and a good conditions I was confident we could get a result, and made sure everybody was up for it and get out there and be positive and attack, and that we did, we started like a whirlwind, passing and moving with high tempo, and getting a well deserved goal through Rolo, he picked the ball up about 35 yards out went past 1,then 2 and fired past the goalkeeper, great goal and well deserved by the team and Rolo, at this point we had run then ragged and controlled the game, hence a quote on welsh website by Ports manager mark Jones" this was a very good win as we were passed off the park by a very good Airbus side for the opening half hour. I thought we were playing TNS.

"but for me the big turning point was a poor decision not to give a 25th minute penalty, As cookie drove into the box going away from goal (so the ref didn't have to send goalkeeper off) the goalkeeper clumsily brought down cookie, for me stone wall pen, not giving, for some reason we have taken are foot off the gas and stopped doing what got us the goal and Port started to get back in the game, and in the 35min Port got a dodgy free kick just inside are half, and bad marking let Port Talbot back into the game with a free header from about 10 yards out, I also think we where defending to deep from the free kick and like I said bad marking, the last 10mins of the half where very even. very disappointed about conceding I said to the lads we need to get back to moving the ball and working them, we started the 2nd half well again but was more evenly matched, but still Port's keeper kept them in it with a great save from a Gio free kick, then a great shot from ash Williams flying towards the bottom corner which produced an even better save, and both teams looking dangerous from corners.

Then another very strange decision, from a corner the ball drops on the penalty spot and Rollo strikes it toward the goal and a Port defender put's his hands up to block the shot, must be a penalty?? not given AGAIN which after the game was explained to myself and Tommo by the ref, " he was protecting his face" can you believe that we are playing men's premier league football, not under 9's!!! and with 10 minutes to go we had the sucker punch, deep cross from the right and a great header from Martin Rose put them 2-1 up.

Another game where we threw points away with a good performance. Rose and Rogers turned out to be the difference between the teams, and of course the ref. I understand  they have a very hard job to do and we could not play without them, and they are only human, but players and managers are criticised, and as long as it's not abusive and offensive and constructive why should officials not be?

Gaffer Craig

April 14
Gaffer praises the team on Rhyl performance

After a very disappointing second half performance against Caersws we had a great chance to put things right against Rhyl we new it was going to be a very tough game but the pressure was all on Rhyl with them having to win with the league title in touching distances we started the game very well with keeping good possession on a great pitch and we where very positive and with nothing to lose tried to attack but as the game progress the home team where getting a little on top with a good save from Chris and a back post header hitting the cross we had 1 or 2 half chances with a couple of corners and a 25 yard shot from Ashley Williams stinging lee Kendall's hands but after about 35mins Rhyl got there goal with maybe a hint of offside twice, but still should have defended it better and a cross from the left and William finished with a scuff which trickled in the bottom corner with skip just not being to keep it out

It stayed very much the same in the first half pretty even with Rhyl looking the must dangerous without domination got the lads in at half time and let them know how well they had done and at 1-0 we are always in the game and lets be honest Rhyl are a very, very good team with lots of football league, European and welsh Prem experience with Kendall, strong, Horan, Williams, Owen and Roberts.

We started the second half well again with some great football and competed very well with are 3 midfielder playing very well Ash, Cookie and Dezza which in my opinion are up there as the best midfield in the league unfortunately we never really had many clear chances with a couple of corners and a Gio free kick making Kendall pull off a good save all in all we played well and worked very hard but Rhyl deserved there slender victory with lots of good things said about the team by Rhyl players and their staff, Alan was very complimentary. and all the lads should be proud of there self's well done boys.

Gaffer Craig

April 6
Gaffer tells of his Caersws disappointment

I was bitterly disappointed with the performance or lack of it in the second half.

We let ourselves and the supporters and the club down with a pathetic, heartless performance which everybody knows that, that kind of performance can not happen again.

With only maybe Matt Woodward and Matt Cook coming out of the game with any credit

Gaffer Craig

March 25
Craig's Bangor review

I was very happy with the way we played on Saturday, we defended long throws and set pieces very well and in all honesty that was the only threat they had.

Chris commanded his box well and made a great save in the 2nd half to keep it at 1-0. We had 4 good chances with a good passing move led by Ryan Edwards getting to a one on one with the goalkeeper making a good save. The n off a corner the first ball got cleared with Matty Woodward putting the ball back in and Gareth Sudlow had a free header from 8 yards going over the bar, in fairness he needed a time shout.

Then another good move led to Caddie with a free kick shot at goal from the edge of the box on his weaker left foot which the keeper made a good save , and then with a very soft given free kick Seargeant converted right into the corner, Beckam would have been proud of it. A great goal no keeper would have anywhere near it.

A good first half and at last a good goal scored against us, not that I want any but a goal that is worthy of winning a game.

So we go in at half time undeservedly 1-0, I let the lads know how well they have done and don't get their heads down and keep doing what we have been doing and we will get more chances, and that's what we did. We moved the ball about well and took the game to them.

Mid way through the second half, we had 4 corners on the bounce, one the keeper making a save from Mark Allen, then Mark Caddie have one cleared off the line, and then a cross went flashing across the goal just 3 yards out. By then it was plain to see it wasn't going to be our day, all though another very solid defensive performance, with creating 5 good chances and being the better team against a strong Bangor team at home, everybody played well but Suds was brilliant.

Looking forward to taking the performance into Sunday's game and getting a positive result. The squad for Caersws with be the same.

Gaffer Craig

March 12
Craig's Carmarthen review

We want to use our great win against local rivals which is the first time we have beaten the Quay away, to really kick on and make a big push to peg back Port Talbot and make our slim advantage on Newtown and Quay bigger, with a strong performance on Saturday against Carmarthen.

We know it will be a very tough game, but we were only beaten by the 1 goal away and that was a mistake, so lets hope we can keep a clean sheet and get another away win.

Gaffer Craig

March 10
Craig's weekly review

I was very disappointed with the cup game against Bangor City, thought we competed and just shaded the first 30 minutes, but we lacked concentration and a bit of nastiness and ruthfullness, and maybe a bit of experience. but the good thing is all the lads have experienced a big game and where need to be to win something. So next year we will be ready.

The bigger picture is what myself and everybody involved behind the scenes are very pleased with the progress both on and off the field, we are a forward moving club and that couldn't happen without the support of the committee and supporters, so on behalf of myself, staff and players.

We would like to say thank you and the win on Friday night against Connahs Quay was as much for them as ourselves. The lads were brilliant on Friday for 80 minutes, but bad habits die hard, and the 2 goals we conceded almost took the shine off a very good performance.

Thank you for your support
Gaffer Craig

February 24
Craig's weekly review (Aber and Bangor cup tie)

After coming off the back of a good away win we knew it would be a tough game against Aber, they have a very good manager who has been there for years and a stable very strong squad which has been 2gether for a few seasons, which is what we are trying to create, as there has been a big turn over of players for are self's from last season, me and Tommo where left with about 5 or 6 senior players at the start of pre-season and u don't progress with turnover of players like that every season, we where please with Christian Edwards not being available as he is a very good player and major threat from set pieces, as Jamie smith and myself both played with him at crystal palace, we had to shuffle the pack a little bit with Dezza still out and cookie struggling with a hamstring twinge, so George Stewart came back into the team and played a different role as an attacking midfielder with almost a free role. 

We started reasonable well, and didn't really look in danger until a bit of a freak goal, as I knew and Warn the lads that Aber a very strong from set plays, which is where they scored there first goal from, but like I said it was a bit unlucky and a bit of a freak, caddie won the header under pressure and it deflected off one of there players and looped in the top corner, the rest of the half was a bit like a practise game, no urgency or tempo from either team, quite the opposite to Wednesday night, as half time came I got the lads 2gether and told them the game was there for the taken if we just had a bit more belief and raise the tempo and passed it a bit better, which in all fairness was tough as the pitch was shocking, but just as we got on top we done are usual trick of giving another bad goal away, in my opinion the ball should have been closed down quicker by are midfield, then we where to deep and maybe Paley could have bit better, anyway we have a even further uphill battle being 2-0 down with 40mins to play and against a strong top 6 side, but we rallied and got a goal from Matty Woodward.

With about 30mins to go and in all honest we pinned them back and it was wave after wave of are attacks with the keeper making 2 saves then for me this was the defining moment, tom Rowlands and Phil Molyneux had both came on and linked to put Rolo through one on one with the goalkeeper and the goalie came rushing out and dragged Rolo down, surely the goalie has to go and we would have had 15mins to get a goal back, but the ref saw something that everybody else didn't, A supposed defender that could get back in, no chance, Rolo had the ball under control and ready to slot the ball into open goal. I'm not the kind that wants to see anybody sent off, but with the goalkeeper committing the foul outside the box we had no advantage with just a free kick ( unless your Ronaldo or Beckham) and the last time I picked the team they where both unavailable, at least a sending off would have giving us a advantage for 15mins, but not to be, we kept the pressure on but we had a bit of wind knocked out of us with that poor decision Aber hung on to their hard fought 3 points. Even Brian Coyne couldn't believe he wasn't sent off, but at the end of the game to top and bottom was we conceded 2 poor goals, and we just can't do that, to progress we need to start to learn from our mistakes.

We are looking forward to a big and exciting week, and I'd like to make an appeal to the local people and factory workers, we need your support as Bangor could bring 600 and 700 supporters, and we want home support to match that. Myself and the lads will be very grateful and hopefully repay them by getting through to the semi-finals.

Thank you for your support
Gaffer Craig

February 19
Craig Harrison's Caernarfon match review

First and foremost I had to make 2 very hard decisions last night! as I had already made my mind up after recent games of conceding too many goals, to going back to a 3-5-2 formation going away to a tough place! the first was to leave George Stewart out the starting 11, but knowing the task, condition and pitch I felt it wouldn't suit George or are self's as a team unit. George has been fantastic in every game he has played and he is going to be a massive part of us pushing for 8th place and the welsh cup final so want him to keep his chin up! and secondly leaving Phil Molyneux out the starting 11 who has been in great form of late! but we have had a chat and moving forward with that one! back to the game.

We started very well, pressurising with high tempo, high up the pitch and came close through Mark Cad twice and Macca and Mark Head, before a fantastic move starting at right back, and switching play with swift quality pass with Ry, Ash, Caddie and cookie before a great cross from Gio and a brilliant front post run and great glancing header to give us the lead.

We knew they would come out in the 2nd half and have a right go, and they did but we defended well as a unit and regained control of the game, with Macca having cleared one of the line and Cookie and Mark Head making the keeper make 2 good saves.

Then another great delivery from Gio's corner and Macca got free and scored with a bullet header from 10 yards, which killed the game off. The last 10 minutes they had nothing to lose and it needed a good save from Paley to keep that long overdue and well earned clean sheet.

All the lads played great and well done to the lads that came in. We have a possible 13 games left and we need everyone to keep pushing our selves and each other and stick together to get where we want to be, 8th in the league and win the welsh cup.

Gaffer Craig


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